What's happening at Twitter?

Jul 05, 2023

Twitter's New Features

Twitter, the social media giant, has been busy rolling out new features to improve user experience. One of the most anticipated features is the introduction of Twitter Spaces, a Clubhouse competitor. This feature allows users to create, join, and participate in audio conversations right on the platform. Twitter Spaces is now available to everyone with 600 followers or more.

Twitter Spaces

In addition to Spaces, Twitter has also introduced a feature called Super Follows. This feature allows users to monetize their content by offering exclusive access to their followers for a monthly fee. This could be anything from bonus tweets, access to a community group, subscription to a newsletter, or a badge indicating your support.

Twitter's Efforts on User Safety

Twitter has always been committed to user safety and has recently taken steps to further this commitment. They have introduced Safety Mode, a feature that automatically blocks accounts that appear to break Twitter's rules, and reduces the visibility of potentially harmful comments. This is a step towards making Twitter a safer place for everyone.

Twitter Safety Mode

Another feature that Twitter has introduced to improve user safety is Birdwatch. This is a community-based approach to misinformation. It allows people to identify information in Tweets they believe is misleading and write notes that provide informative context. This is an attempt to address misinformation on the platform with the help of the community.

Twitter's Focus on Privacy

Twitter has also been focusing heavily on privacy. They have introduced a feature that allows users to limit who can reply to their tweets. This feature is aimed at giving users more control over their conversations on Twitter. Users can now choose who can reply to their tweets: everyone, people they follow, or only people they mention.

Twitter privacy

Additionally, Twitter has also been testing a new privacy feature called Fleets. This feature allows users to post tweets that disappear after 24 hours, similar to Instagram and Snapchat stories. This is aimed at encouraging more people to tweet by giving them the option to share fleeting thoughts.

Twitter's Future Plans

Twitter has a lot of exciting plans for the future. They are currently testing a new feature called Tip Jar that allows users to send money to their favorite creators on Twitter. They are also working on a feature that will allow users to subscribe to their favorite Twitter accounts.

Twitter future plans

With all these new features and plans, Twitter is certainly working hard to improve the user experience, safety, and privacy on the platform. It's an exciting time to be a Twitter user!